Problem with calendar in application

I have a problem to find a calendar in an application window (not webpage) with RPA Express.
The Inspector finds the window with the calendar but doesn’t find any attribute (there are the calendar, drop list and some other thing in the window).
Another problem with the calendar is that the calendar doesn’t respond.
Does anyone have an idea how I can work around that problem?

Hi @jockej are these elements absent from the tree when you look for them in the Inspector? When you use Capture, does the Inspector see only the window itself and no elements inside it?

@ashapkina, There is just the window itself in the Inspector and even if I refresh the Insepctor or double click the choosen window it’s just still the window.
When I try to capture the calendar it just the whole window that gets marked, the Inspector or capture doesn’t seem to get anything but the window itself.

Try running RPA Express as the Administrator and checking if Inspector is able to see the elements in this case.

I got the answer from those who set up my development server that I was already running RPA Express as Administrator so that not the issue.

If I use the picture recognition and when the calendar change month then RPA doesn’t recognize the “new” picture because it’s not exactly the same or do I have misunderstood that function?

@jockej you need to use the picture that is always the same. Note that you can use a small part of the screenshot as the anchor and click outside it.

Great, I think I have to try that.
A following question:Do you know how I get the mouse to click on a specific date in a picture.
Say I have to click on the 4 in the calendar is there anyway how I get the mouse to click on that part of the picture? Is there any way I can get RPA to recognize the specific numbers in the calendar?

@jockej if the number in the calendar always looks the same, you can use it as both the anchor region and the click position for the mouse click action.

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@ashapkina Thanks! that worked.

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