Problem with Chrome and Firefox browsers



I am having real difficulty with the RPA installed Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Every time I play the recording with the first action being to open a web page, Chrome keeps coming up with the error: “Chromium Portable did not close property last time it was run and will now clean up. Please then start Chromium Portable again manually.”

This error stops the running of the recording. I have updated to version 1.1.3, the error occurred in 1.1.2 as well. How do I fix this error?

I also tried to run the same recording in Firefox. Because the link used is to our own intranet site, it keeps comes up with the “Authentication Required” box, where you enter the user name and password for the site. When using other browsers it goes automatically to the site. Once entered manually it works, but the running of the recording stops.

The Firefox forums recommend you go into the “about:config” window and change the “network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris” setting. This works, but the RPA Firefox browser does not save the new setting, so the next time it runs it fails. Any other suggestions on how to solve this?

Really looking to make some advancement with WorkFusion, but stuck at what feels like the first hurdle.

Thanks Tony


Hi, @Tony_Rae2
Try to set

to false in about:config.


I’ve had the same problem with Chromium Portable and previously reported that FireFox resets any changes you make to its configuration. Still waiting for a reply.



I had the same outcome as Alan. The changes to the “about:config” settings reverted to the original setting as soon as the play recording was redone. Any other options?

Also, any options available to fix the Chromium Portable error?




Thanks for reporting these issues. The only workaround for your situation is to use the Internet Explorer browser.

We will let you know when this issues is fixed.


At startup, a temporary profile is created and installed plugins do not work. How to start using a normal user profile with its settings.



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