Problem with iframe on RPA


Hello, I’m trying to use the feature of the RPA get (or click) a element inside of a iframe.

The web page is this:

The element where I want to click is this one…

Using chrome i get this Xpath: //*[@id=“module1”]/div[3]/div/div[4]/ul/li[7]

The bot was unable to find that element then I noticed that the element is inside a iframe:

Like you can see in this image:

The Xpath of the iframe is: //*[@id=“mainFrame”]

So in RPA I tryed to do this and the bot is still unable to find the element.

How should I do this?




have you tried using single quotes instead of double?


Nothing change… same error writing this:

//* [@id=‘module1’]/div[3]/div/div[4]/ul/li[7]


can you post the page source code here?




You have 2 iframes (one inside another):

So you need to provide XPaths for both, see


Ohhh thank you very much, I didn’t realize of that…

Now it works :smiley: thanks!