Problem with installation and uninstallation RPAExpress on Windows 10


I’ve installed RPA Express but it didn’t work:

I decided uninstall the program but without the success:

WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20170328144707.log (6.7 KB)

So I decided to delete C:/RPAExpress folder manually. Now, I can’t install RPAExpress because installer after few seconds says “Installation Successfully Completed” but folder RPAExpress didn’t appear at all. What can I do to install RPAExpress again?

Installation Issues - How to Install RPA Express


First of all you need to remove an old installation. Please use the following instructions:

Download the new installer and recache MSI:

  • Download the next version of
  • Extract the package from the archive.
  • Recache the new MSI with the following command in windows console:
    msiexec /fv "resources\WorkFusion RPA Express.msi"
  • Run uninstall procedure through the standard installation wizard.

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What should I do if my download link expired? Extract the package from the archive again is enough in this case?


you can register on the website again to get a new link.

If you have a file on your local pc - you can unpack it again and start the installation


I think that I need next version of, because with my version the fix doesn’t work. I’ve registered so I’m waiting for the link :slight_smile:


Hi @wojciech_soltys,
We’ve sent you a new link.



Thanks a lot :slight_smile: New version works.