Problem with keystroke and joinstr



I have a scenario where I have to enter a path in win R, the path comes from a combination of variables: 1. drive 2. foldername (dynamic value taken from excel) and 3. file name,
Did it by simply adding 3 keystrokes, keystroke from variable, keystroke from text which was working fine till day before yesterday; but weirdly it is not working as usual since yesterday; it is now clicking “enter” after 2. foldername and then taking 3. file name; when actually the “enter” keystroke is given after 3.

tried it by joinstr as well and the same is happening there but more weirdly it is working properly in an entirely new recording.

Could someone help me out here.

Thanks in Advance


Hi @jyoti_rupanwar,

Could you please provide the screenshot and log file? It would be very helpful.

Thank you,


execution-result.log.csv (2.5 KB)


Apologies, couldnt post it sooner

Also the issue has been resolved when we used get cell value for folder name instead of keystroke and copy to clipboard.
but couldnt use get cell value for other purposes as we are not able to use the value going into variable for comparisions in if loops