Problem with "Open WebSite" action


I need to automate some constantly repeating actions performed on a particular website with RPA Express. And I’m facing a problem here. Need some advices and support, maybe someone already dealt with similar situation and can help.

The main problem is that in other to work with the site you have to login with digital signature (hardware token + password). As I want to have possibility to use XPaths in RPA Express I try to apply Open WebSite action.

The problem is that digital signature login is a part of loading of the site. That mean that web page is not fully loaded until you login in the pop-up window (see screen ‘popup window.png’). That mean you have to perform some actions (login) within the ‘Open Website’ action. I don’t know how to do it in the tool.

So, the bot is failed on the “Open WebSite” action because of timeout (Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.TimeoutException: Timed out waiting for page to load.).

Maybe you can suggest something. As a workaround I’m currently performing login actions manually – so it is not a fully automated process.

Hi @Kristina try to use Exception handling as in this topic

Let me know if it doesn’t help.

Thanks but i have another problem.
I can’t reopen the same URL because then i will lost my passing credentials.

I’m not sure I understand the issue. Does it require to click on the pop up again when you open the url for the second time?

Exactly. How can it be solved?

What if you don’t have the second Open Website action and switch to the browser ?

Sorry for my late answer.
Your bot works only if there isn’t “Window” action.

Hello, I am having the same issue when trying to open a website through virtual digital badge. Its opening the chrome browser and waits forever to click on the enter button. Though I am using the exception handling,its not working. Any help please?