Problem with RPA Server installation on VMWare


I have a problem here. I installed RPA Express on VMWare as server via Remote Desktop. Upon installation, all’s going fine. When installation is finished, it requires me to restart the vm. This is when the problem begins. I cannot access the server via remote desktop anymore. It shows this
and then nothing happens. Is this normal or not? And what should I do?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @wilhamanto. This message is not related to RPA Express, it’s standard Window message notifying you that your server certificate is not safe. Can you try to press “Yes” button and check what happens after it?


yes, nothing’s happened when I clicked “Yes”. That’s what I’m wondering. I suspected it’s because I didn’t turn the firewall on the server off before installing but I’m not so sure.

EDIT: nvm team, sorry for troubling you all. It seems the problem is because I assign more than 1 bots then restarting the server. Today I tried to assign only 1 bot and it works just fine.


Hello @wilhamanto. Thanks for the update! :+1: