Problem with the Bot of the RPA express


The robot stops working without giving any error, the robot locks at any point in the execution of any script.

This happens to me either if I launch the execution of the script through the control tower or if the execution is launched by the RPA recorder.

To solve this I have to go to the monitor platform and restart the bot as you can see in this image.

The strange thing is that some times the script run without problem and some times i have to re-estar the bot in order to runthe script (busniess process)

I have tryed to re-install but it didn’t works.

Some advice, thanks.

Express 1.1.8 also freezes
Express 1.1.8 also freezes

Some help?

I have the same issue than is descrived here:

But i have a computer that have the requirements.
PC Specs: 4 cores at 3.4 GHz (i7-6700), Windows 10 (version 1703), 16GB RAM

Please, I need this to show my company the functionality of the RPA.





@joreian found solution:

Try this… delete all the log files in this folder …\workfusion-workspace\ .metadata

It worked for me when my bot stopped without giving me any error.

Make a backup before that…


Sorry, I have been pretty busy.

My solution was:

Express 1.1.8 also freezes