Problem with using variable in the execution of the second process



I have a Bussines Process with two RPA process. I use some variables (Recorder variables) in these process.

The first execution of RPA process is realized with success. However, the second process is filling catacters (\ and "), and this is causing problems in running.

Follow the print screen with two examples, one when filling the network path of a file (using Win + R) and the main problem that is to fill the user and password to access my system.

Print screen:
0 - Print screen of the process flow
1 - Fill of the file path with success (without special catacters)
2 - Fill of the file path without success (with special catacters)
3 - Fill of the useranme without success (with special catacters)

I have already done the inversion of the processes, but the problem happens always in the second process of the flow.!

I believe that the problem occours because the variable names of the two process are equals. There is any resctiction in use the same variable name?






Hi @ashapkina,

I’m sorry, I forgot to attach the attachments.

Now everything is okay.

Thank you,



Hi Marcio,
Could you please share your recordings or better the business process with the input data here so we could have a look. If it contains sensitive data you can create a file with sample data so we can see how it is transferred from task to task.

Thank you.


Hi Alesia,

I do not know how to download the business process.

Then the recordings follow.

The recordings have no links to each other, that is, one recording does not generate input to the other, they are independent.

Important: Both recordings have variables with equal names. I performed a test renaming the variable name “bat_exclui_arqs” to “bat_exclui_arqs2” in the second recording and the problem did not occur any more.


coleta de (915.3 KB)


I will upgrade to the latest RPA Express version and will test if the problem still occurs.


Hi Marcio, there is a bug in version 1.2.0 - the scroll for variables panel isn’t working.
I see that you have a lot of variables, so maybe it is better for you not upgrade yet and wait till we fix it, in order to avoid possible issues.

Thank you for sharing the recordings - we’ll have a look at them tomorrow.



I’m having the same problem. I’m trying to use the same variable in second process in order to get it’s value but the second process is not executing unless I use a different variable name (so I can’t pass values from the first process to the second). What’s the solution to that?
Is RPAx capable to use the variables of a process to the second one?

-Thank you.


@dimitriuZHkTsR What version of RPA Express are you using?




Hello do you have any news?


Hi @dimitriuZHkTsR, sorry for delay on this. Could you share your recordings here?


Yes, it;s a simple test. (15.7 KB)


Does this problem arise when you are running these two processes sequentially in Control tower or are you running one process in Recorder and then running the other?


When I’m running these two processes sequentially in Control tower.


Hi, any news?