Process creating error in ControlTower



The process MUTZUEUR (attached) runs perfectly fine in the RPA Recorder, the Input file KBL_MUTZUEUR_TKA006_FI0200.xlsx (attached) creates the expected output file KBL mismatch_MUTZUEUR.xlsx (attached).

But as soon as I run this process on the ControlTower, I receive the following error:
RoboticsFlowPlugin executePlugin exception: org.webharvest.exception.ScriptException: Config line 40: script block groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: com for class: Script2_genScript_2

Can you please advise how I should proceed ? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

KBL_MUTZUEUR_TKA006_FI0200.xlsx (9.5 KB)
KBL mismatch_MUTZUEUR.xlsx (9.4 KB)



please do the following actions:

  • update to 1.1.7 version - a lot of bugs are fixed there including Control Tower playback
  • if it does not help - post the whole error log from Control Tower
  • maybe it is not needed to use the Launch Application action for opening an Excel (action #29) - better use the Open Spreadsheet action.


Thanks, I will do as advised !


Hello Sasha,

I have updated to 1.1.7 and the process is running fine (without error) in the Control Tower now, thanks a lot !

But another problem occurred:

The IfElseAction (step 11 in attached recording) which compares the content of the variables “K5” and “K201” throws every row as mismatch now (see attached output-file “KBL mismatch_MUTZUEUR.xlsx” accordingly).

In fact only the rows 2, 3 and 6 of the attached input-file “KBL_MUTZUEUR_TKA006_FI0200.xlsx” should be identified as differing/errors. But somehow this didn´t work out anymore since the upgrade to 1.1.7.

Can you please have a look ? Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

RPA (2.1 KB)
KBL mismatch_MUTZUEUR.xlsx (9.6 KB)
KBL_MUTZUEUR_TKA006_FI0200.xlsx (9.5 KB)


maybe it is connected with one of our fixes:

  • Get cell value, get column, get row, get range - now make the target cell active - no need to use a redundant get/set actions
  • if you type a list variable, it is typed like this: [a,b,c,d]


thanks for the fast answer !

I have seen your forum-post regarding the redundancy of the get/set cell actions, but since I am using the “Get Cell to the left” and “Get Cell to the right” actions I wasn´t sure how to incorporate that with the “Get Cell below” action.


Get cell to the left is also ok. Any relative coordinates will move your active cell in each loop iteration.