Process from control tower not running as expected


I have created a recording with first action as ‘Open website’ ,value ‘’ and browser as Chromium Portable. This is working fine when I am playing the recording . But on running this process from Control tower ,Chromium browser is opening up , but its not typing URL value and its showing ‘data;’ in search bar.

Please let me know what could be the issue


Hi, @Archana_MA, Currently Chrome is labeled as “beta”, since it has couple of issues.

For more stable use we recommend to use Firefox


yes changing to Firefox fixed the issue. Thanks


When I am using Firefox and if I am running from recorder, after the last step in the flow is executed the browser window is closed automatically , I want the browser window to remain open so that data can be verified. How to achieve this ?


@Archana_MA - check out this article -

the Close windows after script completion option.


I checked this option , this is not enabled.