Process scheduling in RPA Express

Hi @ashapkina and community,

We are close to setting the first RPA X process in production on rpa x server and wonder what will happen when the process needs more time to finish and the run is overlapping with the new run according to schedule.

Examples: the process is scheduled to run daily and normally takes 6 hours to complete. Some days volumes are really high and the robot has to run 30 hours. Will the new run wait until the previous is complete? Would be great to understand possibilities to make different configuration of scheduling (wait, override and run and so on…).


Hello @aleksandrs.bogdanovs
I can recommend you to schedule 2 processes. On days when it takes more time, create one schedule and on days when it takes less time another.

Also please be informed if you have a free node, then if a business process wasn’t able to finish before the next schedule of this process, then two processes will run parallelly. So If you leave one free node, then it should work.

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