Process with a Manual Step

Good Day!

Is it possible to record an automated process with a manual step? Basically the bot should open a website, navigate to the page with required information and then, a user will be expected to click on one of the value. This value should be passed to the next automated process. Essentially, the value from WebElement/get Value by the XPath of an DOM component, that user has selected. I know it has to be a manual step in Control Tower, but I just don’t know how to record it

Thank you

Hi Gregory, you cannot design a manual task where a manual worker has to click on an element on a website and it is automatically transferred to a bot task.
In this case, you can create a process where the bot will return a target url, send it to manual task, the worker will select the required element on the webpage, input the value as an answer in the manual process that will then be sent to a bot task.
The variables names in input/output data in bot and human tasks have to match.

By the way, why cannot the xpath action be performed by a bot? Is it because of this issue?

The action is performed by a bot. The point, I am trying to make is a handled exception somehow affects the bot’s ability to access the page.

You can see on the attached image: groups “Check Next Web Element” and “Fixed Number of Web Elements” are absolutely identical. The first uses handled exception to stop the loop if the next Web Element does not exist, the second - just hardcodes the xPath to elements. After the handled exception is invoked, the bot cannot access web page with iFrames anymore. Without the exception, it can access (step 29 on both images). I am attaching the recording as well (7.7 KB)

Yes, we are aware of this issue and will hopefully fix it for one of the nearest releases.