Processing Issues in Control Tower



My recording plays everything perfectly. However after exporting it to control tower, it simply gets stuck. No clues about the error report. Please help.

Uploading the error details that was exported to excel along with screenshots


Hi, @Sandeep_Varma
try to execute this script 1 more time, and then share recorderPlugin.log
which is located in INSTALL_DIR\Workfusion\tomcat\logs


Hi there,

Thanks a lot for your response.

It ran successfully after re-installation and replacing \ with \ in the script.


I got this… Where to check what is the processing issues?

  1. Open BP


Well the process involves launching of SAP Logon… then excel…And it work perfectly fine, when played through the RPA Recorder…


Ok, you actually have to CLICK on areas from my screenshot to get pop-up with error