Program stopped due to lock PC

I am running a program which took more than 2 hours, and at a certain time, the pc got locked by itself.
I have already set PC setting etc to never sleep.
Any thing else i need to do?

I’ve used a utility called mouse jiggler to keep a computer unlocked. It was a while back, but it wasn’t any bother to set up and worked a treat.

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in my program, i have the mouse click using the X,Y. I have tried to manually to move the mouse occasionally but it seem to be affecting on how the program should work, ie. it is not clicking on the mouse click step.

I using on company PC so I can’t install any utility.
Not too sure how if this utility would affect the program though.

Any other idea?

Rather than jostling the mouse by hand, would one of the function keys work? Of course, you’ll still have to press the button often enough for the computer to stay awake…

A mouse click is a button down event followed by a button up event, with no motion in between, so a jiggle at the wrong moment - as you suspect - is costing you the click.

I’d suggest giving your IT department the problem to fix (it’ll be more fun for them that way).

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