Programs Auto close after bot finishes

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Is there a way to stop the programs from closing after the bot completed
Reason for this is that I need to use the program from the first recording for my second recording

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you can set it in preferences as described here: Close windows after script completion
Note: this setting is deprecated in new versions of RPA Express.

Please note, that the setting is void, if you use the Open Excel or Launch Application actions, the applications launched in this way are closed in any case, when the recording is finished.

It is unticked (the close window command) but still the window is closed after the bot finish

please, let us know, how do you open the application, which should not be closed when the first recording finishes.

I load it via the application launch function in express (SAP application is being used)

Hi- has this menu moved? I am unable to find it anymore in the RPA recorder playback options.

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Yes, it has been removed from the preferences.

If you need to keep the window open after the bot finishes execution, you can start the application using Win+R command, instead of using Launch Application.

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Much thanks! @ashapkina
I have a further question though- what do I do when I need to use the open website option so that I can use webelements and xpath?

In this case, you can add a Wait action at the end of the recording, so there is time for the human to do some actions before the window closes.

Thank you! Got it. :slight_smile:

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but Win + r will not work when we push the code to control tower . So do you have any other solution to work.