Project Versioning in WF Express

Hello @ashapkina

How can we set project version in a WF project? We want to achieve project versioning in our WF repositories.

Please advice.


Hi @kaumudi, do you need to do it for your projects in Studio or Control Tower?

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I want to push my project to git. As a Git Repository. @ashapkina

Yes, you can do it from WF Studio with any Eclipse plugin for Git, for example, EGit.

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Hi ,

Is this Working for WF RPA Express? I am using WF RPA Express

Yes, it works.
From recorder, you can push your rpae_project to a Git repository.
If you need to push a separate recording (not the whole rpae_project folder), export the recording to bot task, and create a new project for it.

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Do you have tutorial or instructions for that. i have install eclipse Plugin for Git.

We don’t, but you can find a lot of tutorials online.