PU L1 - Assignment 1 - Find a point


None of these passwords above are working. can somone tell whats the latest password for wf-viewer user?


Hi, Amit!
Login: wf-viewer
Password: Workfusion!7


Hi, I’m trying to use training instance(https://copernicus.workfusion.com), Created new business process and imported data. All looks good, I’m able to run process. But looks like it is failed to load images.
Error details:
Step name ‘Task - looking for the document at the OCR cache - BP OCR’ has failed. Reason: ‘IO error during HTTP execution for URL: https://s3vr1677.workfusion.com/trainings/invoices_scan/invoice4_scan.png

Does anyone knows training instances are properly up and running? Any help appreciated.


Hello, The credentials provided are not working.
Login: wf-viewer
Password: Workfusion!8
Is there another, more recent password? I see we were just on iteration ‘!7’ back in June.


Hi, Nora!
The credentials are valid. Please, check once again on copernicus.workfusion.com.


Where can I see how many task are running ?


Assignment 1: Find a Point provides the link and log in credentials for the SPA Control Tower — how do I also log into the RPA Express Control Tower?


You need to use username and password that you created when you installed RPA Express.


Hello! I’m currently at the assignment for Control Tower and I’ve logged in to the Workfusion instance on Server: https://copernicus.workfusion.com with the credentials provided, but I’m not sure that what I see there is the correct thing. Can you please confirm? The pictured attached is from the Dashboard.

Thank you!