PU L1 - Assignment 2 - Run the process


Hi Alesia,
yes, it happens in Chrome! Using Firefox the WF is still visible even if you load csv data and then switch to Design tab.
Definitly a problem with Chrome…


hi! I could not upload your zip-file from the Assignment 2: Run the process (Power User - Level 1) to the control tower. I get a message “Input file cannot be parsed: invalid format or not CSV file”. RPA Express Version 1.4.0-beta
Could you pls. advise me on this?


@rishakhanov try this workaround PU L1 - Assignment 2 - Run the process


I do not have any business processes to run. The list of business process was initially empty. This is also an additional problem.


You can publish a small script from RPA Recorder, run it, and then import a package.


this helped! Thank you!




I tried unistalling and installing again. and i deleted the RPAExpress folder after unistalling. but still it doesnt work


@nontobeko.mlambo please see the workaround in the post right above this one.


Can someone please help me with this warning,

i try change and map the link but it doesnt save the selected one


hi, could you please assist in solving this problem.

my process wont run


@nontobeko.mlambo please ignore this warning. The process should still run.


doesnt run.


Please have a look


It is in you local Control Tower, so I cannot see it. Could you share a screenshot?


so even you can press on workspace it wont obviously take you there, cause it didnt run successfully


@nontobeko.mlambo could you also share the screenshot of your data tab and the event log?



@nontobeko.mlambo your OCR license has expired, that’s why the step fails. You need to update to a new RPA Express version.


Okay makes sense. i will try that. Thank you will update once ive updated and it runs.


Thank you very much. it ran after updated to 2.0


Hi all,

I have the same issue than @nontobeko.mlambo while launching the process.
I have two questions related to this:

  • where can I access the event logs ?
  • is there a link to get an update for the OCR engine ?

Thank you,