PU L1 - Assignment 5 - Use your own data

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I’m currently trying to use an image from S3, but when I run OCR task it gets some errors.
Logs show this:

Why is this URL incorrect? How should it be?

Just realized that name of my folder has space, replaced it with %20, then it works.

I am having some trouble figuring out what I am doing wrong.

I have uploaded 2 invoices but I can not find it in my manuel tasks in workspace.

What am I doing wrong?

I have a problem doing this task.

@abrakovichOITW Andrei,
Can you say why I am getting this error when trying to run my business process:


I think I have made progress by deleting invoice-link data in datastore, creating new folder in s3, simplifying file names (no spaces, etc), deleting and copying another business process and basically starting over (several times).
I have now completed the first bot task, but not getting past the OCR step. OCR is active. I am using my own invoices as instructed. Am i missing a step? I have not been into the invoice third-party platform at any point. Do I need to do that? If so, how?


Hi! You have to import BP from 2nd task and add bot from 3d task (pay attentions to the names in steps 6 and 7 of this assignment). Your invoices will run OK!

Can You Tell What is this error showing…

Hi, Kumar! Problems with OCR step. It seems file format is incorrect.

Hey, did you do the additional task for assignment 5? if so how? cant understand the instructions

Hi, did you ever figure out this portion of the assignment? I am having difficulty as well.

Getting this error:

Hi, Brandon! Need to see the whole log description, not only the short one “Reason: null”.