Publish Bot Task to Control Tower from WorkFusion Studio


I did some searching on this topic but I wasn’t able to find the correct solution.

I’m trying to publish a test bot task to the Control Tower running on my company’s servers. I looked at this URL: I do not have a Server Profiles section under the WorkFusion Studio category. So I’ve been adding what I believe to be the correct URL to the Instance url field:


Is this the correct way of publishing?


Hi @hamburger, Instance url should be your your server Control Tower’s url.

@hamburger If you need to publish it to an SPA Control Tower, you need to create a second server profile and add the url of the SPA CT as the Control Tower url, and press Activate to switch to this profile.

Note that your SPA Control Tower has to be of the same version as your local RPA Express Control Tower. Otherwise you will not be able to publish your bot task to it.

Hi ashapkina,

I have rpa express free version in my system.I need to connect to SPA control tower (super user).Can I do that.
If yes, Please guide me how to do it
Thanks in advance.

@ravikumar177 please see the post above.

Thank you @ashapkina

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