Publishing to Control Tower Generates an Error

My recording works perfectly in the Recorder but when published to Control Tower it generates the below error. Even thought the error is generated, the process runs seamlessly when in Control Tower. I have double-checked the xpath in question and all is in order which is supported by the fact that the process runs successfully. How do i get rid of this error?

Step name ‘Bankserv Feedback Loop’ has failed. Reason: ‘[urn:uuid:22DCF348761657E82A15244720797157] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=] Error executing TemplateAction[templateName=MouseClickAction.ftl,id=43,name=Optional[MouseClickAction],parent=-8,arguments=ActionArguments[button=[1],delay=[0],exactMatch=[true],webElementLocatorType=[XPATH],xsi:type=[recorder:MouseClickAction, recorder:MouseClickAction],active=[true],actionDetails=[(click left button)],searchInFrames=[false],type=[WEB_ELEMENT],webElementLocator=[//*[@id=“ctl00_mainContent_tbCRQ_ID”]]]]’

Hi Roland, can you export the error log to Excel and post here to see the complete error message?


Roland, could you provide this info? It is hard to say why the recording fails without it.
Also, which version of RPA Express are you using?