Publishing to Control Tower gets error 404


Im trying to publish a recording to control tower and a window pops up stating it was successful, however, when I click on the “Open in control tower” button from the pop up, I see error 404 as in the picture below.
I have tried the following with no success;

  • publishing multiple times
  • rebooted PC
  • renamed the recording

I am able to publish other recordings just fine. It looks like there is something wrong with this particular one.
It runs fine from RPA recorder BTW.

Any thoughts?


Eder, try publishing the recording as a new business process.

Thank you Alesia. That was the one thing I did not try.

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You must have already published this business process to Control Tower earlier, that is why this error occurred.
We have fixed this issue for the next release: Publish to Control Tower button will work correctly for all recordings.

@eaguirreepjIJX We have fixed this bug with Publish to Control Tower in version 1.4.0.

great. thanks,:+1:

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