Questions on list and table variables

Hi, I’m new to RPA and RPA express, and am just starting to play around with things to figure out how they work and the possibilities. I have two (probably very basic) questions with regard to the variables.

  1. Is it possible to specify the cell in the table variable to start the process with? For example, if I have a 3 x 4 table, is it possible to set the For Each action to start from Row 2 Column 3?

  2. The list variable is now in column format (top down), is it possible for the list to be generated such that it goes from left to right?

I have tried looking through the guide for answers to these, but couldn’t seem to find anything. I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could point me towards more resources on how I can tweak/ customize the variables.

Thank you very much!

Hi @junkfoodaddict there is no option to change the UI of the List variable.

As for your first question: do you need to start with 3rd cell in 2nd row and perform the same actions for all other cells, so 2 cells and 2nd row and all cells in 3rd row?

Hi @junkfoodaddict do you need to perform the actions in this order?