Quiz: Business Process Workflow Fail

Hello! I’m trying to pass Quiz: Business Process Workflow. 1st attempt was not successful because I made one mistake. I tried again and result was still negative although there were no mistakes marked.

I’m sorry for hijacking your thread, but I see no way to create a new post in this forum.

I saw someone in a different thread ask and be given more attempts after they failed to get a passig score on a quiz.

This has also happened to me. I have completed all other requirements for a course, but the one failed quiz is preventing me from completing the course. Whom do I need to contact to have the course reset or to be provided annother attempt?

The reason you did not get a higher score is that you are missing additional correct choices for 2 of the questions that allow you to select more than one option. I compared your quiz to mine and see several missing selections.


@sguida please write to help@automationacademy.com to get new attempts.

Indeed! I missed the point at the beginning, but finally passed the quizz. Thank you so much for help! @sguida

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You’re welcom, glad I could help.

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I will do that, thanks.

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