Quiz: Calculation of statistics

The Quiz instructions provide a link to Linked CSV file for input and instructions for setting up the BP necessary to answer the questions on the quiz. The CSV file contains links for 118 files, but the BP is configured to use a data store named “drovdo_statistics”, and has a document count of 157. Although this bucket is not visible or does not exist in the wf-aa-students bucket, I can find the source files referenced in the statistics_input.csv file and save those successfully to a bucket on my local WorkFusion Express install.

Is there a newer version of the Statistics_input.csv which matches the BPs that are attached to the instructions here; BP Statistics On Extraction?

How many documents need to be evaluated for the quiz?

This quiz will help you to consolidate the following statistical concepts: “TP”, “TN”, “FP”, “FN”, “FP-FN”, and it will familiarize you with Business Process usage.You need to run the Business process based on the results of ML Model Execution and gold values. More information about the Business process and instructions on how to use it can be found here