Re-installation of RPA Express

I forgot the password to enter the platform monitor, so I will have to reinstall. Will I forfeit all my work done here?

@afellippe what version are you using? If it is 2.1.0 or later, there is no need to reinstall - you can change credentials in the Modify mode

But even if you reinstall RPA Express, all your recordings are saved. However, if you have any business processes published to Control Tower, they will be removed and you will need to re-publish them.

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Thank you very much, resolved

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I’ve made the change, but I can not access the control tower or the monitor platform. Any tips to access?

@afellippe are you sure you use the correct credentials?
Are these your local Control Tower and Platform Monitor?:

The monitor platform has uploaded to the site, but I can not log in (I believe I have used the correct account and password).
The first control tower link did not even load (Can not access this site)

If you cannot open Control Tower, it might be not started completely. Check if it is started in the tray menu.

As for the PM login issue, have you tried restarting the computer and clearing the browser cache?