RE: Intelligent Automation Cloud 2.4.1 with new OCR is released!

Hi, I have a problema!!

I cannot turn on the ocr to be able to obtain information of different images and to be able to continue with the process correctly.

How do I turn on the ocr?

OCR Problem WorkFusion_Version WorkFusion-Details-Version

Hi @marcosmarfeo to be able to use OCR, you need to update RPA Express to the latest version - 2.4.1.

Thanks for your answer!, but i have version yesterday i download the new version.WorkFusion_Version

What error do you see when you hover over the red status icon next to OCR?

when i hover to the icon :warning: “your rpa express server license has expired” I remember downloading the free version with a single bot to learn , I have to do to continue practicing.
thanks for your help!!

This is the status of the server components.
To see the status of OCR, you need to hover on this dot - it should show the error message for OCR.


when i hover to OCR icon, tell me 0 pages left, what i have to do.

Thanks you!!

OCR-Error-0 pages

If you have used up all OCR pages in the license, the only way is to buy the Business license that comes with 10,000 OCR pages.


ok, I will have to stop using workfusion then, since I still don’t know how to use it completely and I already have limitations to learn.

Thank you very much for your help