Read column from Excel to list - except for empty cells




How do I prevent the excel Get Column-function from reading empty cells to the list variable?

If it is not possible, is it then possible to delete specific list-elements?

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Please post an excel sample here (may be a screenshot) and describe what you expect and the actual result


I have a column in a file in Excel - column A. In A1 to A20 there is telephone-numbers, which i want to read to a list variable with Get Column. This works perfect - except for that problem, that the empty cells A21 and up, also is transfered to the list as empty elements. This is a problem, as the list is basis for a For Each loop - thus the there is made way to many loops. :slightly_smiling_face:


The result I want is a list without the empty elements.


I think the solution is here - thanks!: Iterating excel file and getting the stock price value


yep, now this can be done only with a While loop. But we will add this feature request to our backlog. Thanks!