Read data from image


How to read data from image say Address from the Aadhaar card jpeg image and store in a Excel.

Hi rajeswari_ml,

You can use OCR for fetching the data from jpeg, store it in a String variable, copy that variable to Clipboard and Get/paste it on Excel.


Hi Rohit Jain,

After storing to string variable how to perform a copy that variable to clipboard and paste it to an Excel.

We have a Clipboard function available in RPA Express Action library. Wherein you can set the variable from clipboard and then by using the same Clipboard function copy it to another variable.
For pasting the data into the Excel use ‘Excel - Set Cell Value’ option from Action library.

@jain_rohit_ghrc Thank you so much. I will try this .

Also wanted to know how to see the variable value after OCR. for example from the image uploaded , I am setting the OCR text in to a variable called ''varocr". I need to check whether the value copied correctly or not after running the script.

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Check Execution result log
(in you recording folder)

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The value captured as ’  ‘. The string value should be’UseOCR’.
whta is the issue here.

Hi Rajeswari

Print that variable in the .txt file. You will get ur output.
For printing, use Keystrokes -> Text from variable


Hi Rohit,

I am printing the output in text. where should check the result now? In result log still the value is same.

First open the text file and then perform this operation.
To open the text file you can either use Launch application activity, Mouse click event or Win+r.
For ‘Launch application’ create one .bat file and then paste its path in command or browse it from machine.

@rajeswari_ml , you will get more knowledge here…

Hi Rohith,


As suggested I am opening the txt file and copying the text from variable. I am not getting any error but the value not printing on the text file. what could be the issue now.

Hi Rohith,

This issue was due to image i guess. I could able to read the data now after changing to different image.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Team,

I am trying to read full paragraph from image. but not succeed. Please find below snap. I need to copy this paragraph in text format.

Can you please help me in this case?


It gives error.

Please find attached error fileocr_error.txt (8.4 KB)

@amol_sonavane Are you sure the image is on the screen at the time of OCR action execution and looks the same as int he action details?

hi ashpakina

attached is actual image