Read File function - any solution for non-text type file

I am trying to use the Read File function from a folder containing non-text type files (either readable PDF or DOCX files) which is obviously having a problem. Any solution you might have for such a situation?



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Hi @kong_ting_how in case of these files, you can open them on the screen and use Enter Keystrokes actions (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C) to copy the data, and then save the data to a recorder variable using Clipboard action.

Hi, the reason why I tried to use the “Read File” which I thought will help in speeding up the processing time as opening up the files followed by Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C though will work, not very efficient. I wonder WorkFusion will improve on this Read File function to include non-text type file?

@kong_ting_how we don’t have current plans to do it, but you can create a topic for this feature in the Feature Requests category.