Read PDF data and save in excel without OCR



Hi All,

Is there any way to read data from PDF and save in excel without using OCR?

pdf is in text format (no images)


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For this purpose we open the PDF in the Firefox Portable browser and than read the needed elements with Xpath. This is much faster than using OCR.

Kind regards, WIlbert


that is great … very good work around… Thanks Wilberty :slight_smile:


Hi @wilbertyYuUdrW
this sounds like a great workaround to speed up the process and avoid OCR. I tried testing it but I cannot manage in the Open website action to open a local file. Even if I put a local file location in the URL field it defaults a “http://” in front of the adress and the file is not found. How do you do this?



forget my question, I found the answer. If putting “file” in front of the adress the “http” does not come up :+1:


use below format




Wilbert, it is a really awesome workaround :star:
Thank you!


Tim, you can also upload your files to S3 storage and use the links in recordings.