Reading Email Structured Data


Is there any way to read email structured data (form template) and extract each form value into a variable and fill a from from this variable.
Tasks :

  1. Open Email
  2. Email body has data in template form (such as : username : xyz, company :abc, etc)
  3. extract username into a string variable user and company into a variable company
  4. open website add username and company fields in a webpage.


Hi @rajagopal.yendluri

RPA Express does not offer this capability out of the box. You can code something similar in groovy and run in Control Tower if you new coordinates.

Our flagship product Smart Process Automation offers this capability out of the box with UI to define the form and business process to extract the data. In addition to that if the number of forms is highly variable you can do cognitive based extraction.

Please let us know if you what to learn more.


This is interresting … Do you mean we can write un external process in groovy , run it in Control Tower to integrate with complete BP (so it will be a task of the BP) ?

This is interresting but I think I would investigate in SPA :wink:


Yes, This is interesting, Can you guide me on this.