Reading input data in middle of a business process

Is it possible to import input data in a bot task in middle of a business process. I have a business process with preparation steps in front and would not want to repeat those for each input parameter.

When I put the import section in, say 4th bot task of the process there is an error message like this:

Step name ‘Import_input_data_test’ has failed. Reason: ’ Config line 5: template block groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: str_company_id for class: Script1_genScript_35’

I read the input data with following definition:


Any advice?

@peke_robot there is no way to include input data in the middle of the BP, but you can use a special ETL bot task to split data stored in a List into separate strings.

  • store the input data in a list variable
  • you should have an ETL task Split BOT ETL bot task in the list of bot tasks
  • insert this task before the bot task, in which you need to use input data with many records (in your example above, before bot task 4)
  • double click on it, add name ( 2 fields ) and specify the list variable from which you need to split data and the string variable in which you need to store the split data

Hope it will help.