Reading Windows / CMD clipboard

I am launching cmd.exe from RPA with keyboard controls (WIN+R, etc.). I need to recover the data that programs are sending to the Windows clipboard.

I checked the Custom Script Samples page, and didn’t see anything, re: executing Windows shell commands and accessing the clipboard.

I am creating a series of checks for my RPAx bot that validate the server environment before launching the main process. I need to confirm that config files exist, software has been installed in the PATH, etc.

I can’t do most of that with the default RPAx controls. I can do that easily with Windows cmd.exe statements, and I can trap the information I need in the Windows clipboard. However: RPAx doesn’t seem to connect to the “real” Windows clipboard during execution.

For example: If I run a program that writes to stdout:

"C:\Program Files\Oracle SQLcl\bin\sql.exe" -v
>SQLcl: Release Production

I can send that output to the Windows clipboard:

"C:\Program Files\Oracle SQLcl\bin\sql.exe" -v | clip

How do I recover that information from the Windows clipboard from within RPAx?

Is there any way to recover the Windows clipboard, when it has been accessed / set by a program external to RPA?