Reading & Writing Excel Data on the dynamic web element(keeps changing)

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with my second row data from excel. The program runs fine but the thing is whenever a site takes a unique product name it disables one of the tax rate boxes. So I’m not able to paste values from excel as its a dynamic box.



As I have understood correctly you are using ID’s of the web elements in Xpath expressions.
If so I would suggest you using more “stable” xpath’s, cos ID’s could be generated and change constantly.

More about Xpaths:

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@pankaj858 is it correct that for some products you will need to fill in these boxes, and for other products you will not as they will be disabled?
You can put such actions inside the Exception Handling action - if the box is disabled and the bot cannot put the value in the box, it will skip the action and the script will not fail.


Thanks ashapkina,
this solution is working for me.

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could you please help me @ashapkina actually m unable to fetch the data from dynamic website to excel . sometimes there is a record and sometimes not.

@ddivya you can use exception handling for the actions where you need to fetch the data.

thanks @ashapkina

hii @ashapkina i have an issue and that issue is whenever i trying to click on a data on webpage by its xpath everytime it’s xpath changes automatically and it fetch the value of another one so what should i do now.

@ddivya could you share your recording.
If you cannot, please share the URL of the page where you need to click on xpath and the element you need to get.