Recent changes in Automation Academy learning paths :academy:

Recent changes in Automation Academy learning paths :academy:

Dear All,

To make learning paths easier to understand for new students, we made a number of changes to the courses in the Automation Academy.

Here is a short summary of the changes.

1. Several courses have been renamed

The following automation courses in the Power User path have new names:

2. A new course: Automation Kit for Enterprise

The course is a successor to (and replacement for) the Power User Basics course.
The course replaces Power User Basics in the learning paths, with the following exceptions:

  • Because it is designed for Enterprise edition users, it does not appear in the Power User path.
  • This course now concludes the Automation Business Lead path.covers the following topics:

The course covers:

  • Functions of Intelligent Automation Cloud components
  • Analytics capabilities built-in in the tool
  • Running, modifying, scheduling, and analyzing business processes
  • Creating and executing manual tasks

Read more about the new course here.

3. Updated course: Automation Kit for Beginners

Automation Kit for Beginners is the updated Introduction to Intelligent Automation Cloud course. All materials in the course have been remade based on the latest version of Intelligent Automation Cloud

The course covers the following topics:

  • Installing and getting started with the Express edition on Intelligent Automation Cloud
  • The basics of creating automation scripts without coding
  • Distributed installation of the Business edition
  • Using server components to create, manage and run complex business processes

Read more about the updated course here.

4. Updated Power User learning path

The updated learning path now includes the following courses:

  • Automation Kit for Beginners
  • Automating the Business Task
  • Automation Kit for SAP (optional)
  • Automating the Business Process
  • Power User Certification

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We welcome your feedback! :heart:

The Automation Academy team :academy: