Recognizing different languages with OCR




We know that ABBYY is capable of recognizing Cyrillic characters. However, when we try to recognize text in Cyrillic using an OCR action within RPA Express, the output contains only latin characters. How to switch OCR to recognize Cyrillic?

Additional question: license for what exact product should be purchased from ABBYY?

OCR error. message=License file does not exist

Hi @dntim

Thank you for the question.
We plan to add option to define language in OCR action soon.
Please vote on the topic to help us prioritize.

Also we are happy to sell you the license for OCR. Please reach out to Pooja Gupta


@mabramchik does SPA have support for OCR in Russian?


SPA supports about 200 languages in OCR and Russian is in the list.


RPA Express don’t have language switch.
SPA have language switch.
Is it correct?

And what’s different RPAe and SPA?

thank you.


SPA is for companies and corporations and requires money. It involves programming and is more flexible. The OCR action in that is done using a third-party engine.

RPAex is free and code is autogenerated.