Recorder doesn't seem to work, we have to manually insert Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes




We are using the latest version of RPAExpress and we are facing a lot of issues while trying to fill a few forms on a webApplication. Following are the issues we have encountered and we need your help to fix this.
1)After a new recording, ex: i have logged into a webapplication using credentials (XXX, abc123). when i play the recording, the tool throws an error “Error executing mouse click action” , “Error executing window switch action”.
2)We have to manually enter “mouse click” action / keystrokes action to resolve errors listed in point 1.
3)We are not able to edit the script generated by the recording / tool, ex: i don’t want my credentials to be exposed, so when i try to encode the password by editing the generated script, the tool throws an error. Is it possible to edit the generated code ? ex: add a few customized validations.
4)we created a recorder variable and set the name to “userName”, however after saving the file the name of the variable is set to “variable”.
5)PFB the useCase:
a)The first image has the actions created by RPAExpress (plain recording, we have not inserted any mouse clicks or Keystrokes), this when played throws error listed in point 1.
b) The second Image :- To fix issues mentioned in point a, we manually added "mouse clicks / keystrokes / wait ".


1 and 2 - you may need to check images and window names that were recorded and edit them if needed.

See this guide on how to use recorder while recording and editing -

Training videos can also help -

3 - Script editing is not supported inside RPA Recorder. This feature is available in WorkFusion Studio which is a part of our flagship SPA product -

4 - variable name should be lower case and underscores, e.g. variable_name. This is described on KB -

5 - it is ok to record actions and then edit them and add new ones.

If you perform actions too fast or your PC has limited resources (less than 8 GB of free RAM), some actions can be captured with a delay or not captured at all. See the following guidelines -