Recorder group names get lost


I am using groups in recorder from Actions library (Sequences -> Group) and I put name for each group and save it, but occasionally after new changes names of the groups are lost.


We can not reproduce it. Can you share the troublesome recording as you’ve done before?


Yes, of course. Here it is: (4.4 MB)

This happened to me few times. I set all groups names and saved rpae. Next thing I did was adding some more actions and new groups which I named as well and when I save rpae again I lose all groups names.

I don’t know would it be helpful for you if I repeat all this on my side and save project in between each of the changes?


Thanks, we will investigate your issue and provide recommendations for the workflow to create a recording.


Issue tracked. thank you, @borko_rajkovic



When you use “insert recording” -feature in version 1.1.2, group names get resetted.

When will this be fixed?