Recorder issues



Sometimes after recording a certain process, the recording is not saved and gets corrupted. Is this a known issue? Thanks!


Hi @varun.chopra,

This is rather an unexpected behaviour.

Can you please share more details? Ideal case would be to have a recording (video) or steps to reproduce.
This way we can help you to address the case you ran into.



Hi @varun.chopra
For some reason I don’t see “Media files” panel on your screen.
Can you show me the project structure on a screenshot?
And please, add this folder script to a zip archive and attach here.


@varun.chopra - please install the latest RPA Express version - 1.1.0 and tell whether your issues still exist.



I am also facing similar problem, by mistake I have closed window containing recordings (media files), so in lower left side, it only “Recorder varaibles” is present. Can you please suggest how can I bring this window back to see all my recordings.

And also if there is any way I can restore all windows to default position.



Hi, @Ankit_Jain7