Recorder Script File not showing up while publishing to control tower



Hi, I have finished recording couple of different scenarios. I can see respective media files under rpae folder…However, while publishing to control tower by any means shows no recorder script file in the list…


@Sandeep_Varma - please add more details, screenshots and your script files will help us a lot


Thanks…it goes like this…

  1. I was able to record my actions.
  2. I wanted to publish this to control tower…so i clicked on ’ Publish to Control Tower’ tab.
  3. I got a window which asks me to name the process…i did it…

Issue: I do not see anything in second option…i.e

I tried few steps mentioned in forum. However, it didn’t help.


Hi, @Sandeep_Varma, Can you please show a script (or attach here) Your project, that you are trying to export?

Same behavior applies to all of your scripts, or just this one?


This is happening with all of my recordings. Do I need to do anything to generate script…I have just recorded my actions and didn’t save/run anything else?

Here’s the content from the file…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<recorder:ActionFlow xmi:version=“2.0” xmlns:xmi=“” xmlns:xsi=“” xmlns:recorder=“” ignoreDelays=“false”>




After comparing it with templates, it seems that script is not generated in my case.

Here is the difference…between template & my recording…

Any guess why is it not getting created automatically?


Probably, when you created new project, you accidentally removed file extension .rpae

Thats why you have a file Test_Project in your folder without extension



Yes, I removed the default name completely and renamed it without an extension. Its working now. Thanks a lot for your support. However, renaming older ones are not creating scripts automatically


I had the same problem. Control Tower was runing and the recording worked fine.
I renamed the file with “.rpae”, it created a new file that I then moved in to the folder where it was missing.

You can see the problem I had in the GIF, bad resolution thoug because they wouldn’t alow for more than 3 MB of file size to be uploaded:

Seems like the RPAE thing is an important and easy to miss thing.