Recorder show old data insted of new. when on click open div without refresh browser page

This is my tr element of table and it has contain one button.

<tr class="c02123c02129">
         <td class="c02127"><div class="c02128">1</div></td>
         <td class="c0261"><div class="c0262">07/05/2018-07/05/2018</div></td>
         <td class="c0261"><div class="c0262">E0730</div></td>
         <td class="c0261"><div class="c0262"></div></td>
         <td class="c0261"><div class="c0262">NU</div></td>
         <td class="c0272"><div class="text-right c0273"><span>$650.00</span></div></td>
         <td class="c0272"><div class="text-right c0273"><span>$0.00</span></div></td>
         <td class="c02127"> <button class="text-medium hyperlink">View</button> </td>

I left click on View button using xpath. its display one block.
like no data found… but there is much more data.

Its will reflected when i click on it. but not using rpa recorder.!

@vishal_bareja could you share your recording to have a look? Or the screenshots of the action and the URL of the page?

Thank you

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I edit screen shot image which display no data available . there is some another string which not loaded with recorder. But when i click it manually then its show original data…

I attached my recording video please have look into that…

New (4.9 MB)


@vishal_bareja is it possible that the bot clicks the link too fast when there is no data loaded yet?
Try adding a timeout before the mouse click, so it waits for a couple of seconds.

Yes I checked it twice and change time also. But its not impact anything.
In Above screenshot you can check 43 number’s step. I also used CTRL + F5 to hard refresh the page. but it’s not working.

@vishal_bareja in case case, can you try adding actions to click Hide and then click View again, like you did manually? Will the data appear then?

No it’s not wokring.

@vishal_bareja do you what if it is possible to create a dummy account for the application you use so we could test it from our side?

Thanks for your support. It’s resolved by another link click and get data from xpath. It’s a random issue. some time its not getting proper data.

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Glad it got resolved!:slightly_smiling_face: