Recorder Variable Date Comparison



I need to Compare a Date(Time is not there) with a variable in Date format


@prajin_pv Put a function for date caparison…
like… var d1 = Date.parse(“2012-11-01”);
var d2 = Date.parse(“2012-11-04”);
if (d1 < d2) {
alert (“Error!”);


Hii this is the simple logic that i knw.
But how this use in workfusion.
how to put a function?


@prajin_pv You will get more knowledge on RPAExp just
Read here


thank you…


I second @prajin_pv 's request : how do you define a function in RPAExpress ??
Your reference is only showing how to make comparisons … not how to define functions



Currently there is no possibility to use functions in RPA Recorder, but you can create a Bot task inside the Control Tower and write Groovy code there.

Dates are compared as strings. We are planning to introduce type conversion in next releases. Please vote for this feature to raise its priority.