Recorder XML configs vs non-recorder configs? dev preference towards the recorder

Based on the current docs and training material, there appears to be a push/preference towards the Recorder / Studio builder and the Recorder’s XML generation, with a downplay of the customized XML configs. Is the non-recorder configs being phased out? Whats the reason for lack of focus on the customized configs using the non-recorder xml ?

Hi Steve, RPA Express was originally purposed (and still is) as a no-code tool, and users mainly automate their processes through recorder.
WorkFusion Studio was included in it just recently, in 2.0 version, before that there were no coding capabilities in free RPA Express, only in SPA, and automation could be done only through recorder.

Online documentation and training on writing configs is currently available for SPA and RPA Express Pro customers.
But you can find Developer guide and documentation on machine task plugins offline, in the Help menu in WF Studio.