Recording is not playing



I have recently switched to 1.1.2-beta and now none of my old projects and no new projects that I wrote on 1.1.2 can be played. Is this a common problem? This is a major error.

RPA Recorder doens´t start

I’m experiencing the same problem. Is there a way I can download the 1.1.1 installer and use that software until this issue is corrected?


Folks, what is the issue that you getting? Please share a bit more details.

  1. I had issues but followed the steps in Scripts not migrated to v 1.1.1 and it worked.
    I used xmlns:recorder=""
  2. Other people report that if you uninstall and install again if helps to resolve the issue.


I unitstalled then reinstalled 1.1.2 and it worked for me.