Recursively read values from excel sheet and store them in variables

Recursively read values from excel sheet and store them in variables. I’ll be using the variables later for data entry and stuff. I have an excel sheet with 1000 entries. I want to read rows one by one, store the data in the variables. I have been able to this part. Now i want to read the next row and store the new data in already declared variables to be used again.


please share your excel file and zipped recording folder

The excel files is attached. InputData.xlsx (78.2 KB)
I am afraid the rpae is a bit confidential :confused:

Now I need to clear the previous values in the variables and then store new values into the same variables i get due to iteration of excel rows. I a using a while loop.

please create a sample recording without sensitive data, which only iterates through your excel rows

Here is a simple recording of what I an trying to do. newrecorder.rar (94.2 KB)


Hi Hassan,

Instead of copying the values one by one, you can use Get Range and Set Range actions and store the values in the table variable. However, there is a limitation in the length of the variable value you can copy (65535 characters), so you’ll need do it in several iterations. See a sample recording below. (129.4 KB)

Also, is this topic related to execution of this recording?

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@ashapkina: Thanks for your feed back. Yes using the get / set range feature is legit. But I had to create a simple process in which i could explain what i was doing. In actual the copied data will be used as input for text fields in on a web page. so I have to read the data row by row, populate the web page , Submit the form. Then read the next row and repeat the process for 1000+ entries. This is why I wanted to know how can I read the next row using WHILE loop.

This topic is not related to RPA Recorder Maximum number of steps as that is another issue I am facing.


why do you want to use a while loop?

It is very easy to copy info from a spreadsheet row by row, cell by cell to a web site using the get range function and a for loop?

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Can you give me a demo or something? May be that might be of some help to me.


As per my knowledge a for loop does not support web actions, so I am limited to using while loop only. For instance if I use get range feature, how am I going to change the range for the second row then the third and so on. This has been my limitation all this time. I want to learn how to change rows programmatically.



Hi Hassan,
@gerhardus_meyer is right, you can use the Get range and For each loop in this case. Here is a sample recording attached. (96.4 KB)

You can copy the data from the Excel sheet into the Table variable using the Get range function, then assign constant value to your variables using table rows with index (please see this topic in the knowledge base: ), and then input the data from variables on a web page.
You can use web actions inside the Open website action.