Reference for Groovy as used in Custom Scripts


Can somebody point me at a reference to the Groovy language with definitions of things like RString, etc?

I can’t find where to look up what is possible and can generally only re-purpose what I find from the examples rather than work things out for myself. For example - I want to make a backup folder with today’s date as part of the folder name and ideally would use a Custom Script to make it look the way I want. I have the following:

output = 'date'
def customScript() {
	def date_time =
	def date = date_time

  • Yes I know, an extra line with date_time… The reason is that I would like to manipulate the output so that the format from the Custom Action is exactly as I want it and was going to use date_time as an intermediate string and ‘date’ as the final output.

The output from the above is: 2018-08-08T13:15:01+01:00[Europe/London]

I can manipulate this in Recorder of course but would prefer to do it in the CA script but have not been able to figure our how to do this, partly because I can’t find any of the references to look up string manipulation.

So my question - where can I find a good reference guide to available functions such as RString, RDateTime etc so that I can troubleshoot myself? When I look in the groovy documentation either I am looking in the wrong place or these functions don’t exist there.

Any help welcome.

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Hi @Bonnero

You can find information about our RPA API and data types here:

Hope it will be helpful.

Do you need to present date in some other format in the script above?

Hi Alesia,

I do need it in a particular format but I just did this by converting the delivered format using the “Date conversion” type so no worries in this instance.

I was really just looking for the references so I could learn more about the available commands to do more with the scripts… I’m not a pro at that stuff but can usually figure things out with the references.

Thanks for the links

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