Regarding LOOP function in Workfusion

Hi Team ,

I am facing difficulty in using Loops in workfusion.

I am copying ticket data from an excel file to my local web application to close it automatically , I am able to succeed in doing it ( Resolving it using BOT )

There are bunch of ticket data in Excel file.

** i am using for each loop already ** and this is resolving the tickets in sequence. **

I am confused what if the next ticket in excel file is already resolved , how can BOT skip that ticket and move to the next one.

Please Pleas help me on this.

@karan_singh2a if the ticket is already closed, does the bot have an error now?

Yes it will throw an error message , i just want the BOT to skip that closed ticket and move to next un resolved ticket in excel


I am using web element to store the State(status of ticket ) in variable and using If condition to exceute further actions , like If State = Open then it will resolve the ticket but am getting confused on ELSE part , i dont know how to exit the loop and move to the next ticket,

I can close the ticket successfully in a sequence i.e one by one in excel.

You can leave the Else part empty, and the bot will go to the next ticket without performing any actions.

Great , let me try with this.

Thanks you are the best

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