Regarding to the scheduling and license


So when i was trying to set a scheduled time for my business process, it asked me to publish my business process to Control Tower which requires me to start the Control Tower first. Following the instruction, I started the control tower and then got a little red notification saying that my license expired in 25 days. So I’m just wondering if the ‘set schedule time’ feature rely on the purchasing license or I can still use this feature after my license expired. If it does rely on the license, how much does it cost and how do I purchase one?


Hi Spencer,

The license is related to the Pro features only (multiple bots, multiple users, remote connections to the server Control Tower).
After it expires you will still have access to Control Tower and the scheduling features in it with no limitations.

If you eventually decide to purchase a subscription, you can submit a form on our website, and our sales team will contact you with all details.